Special Education

St Paul City School Special Education Team partners with families to provide students with the tools to become successful in all academic areas, self-sufficient and contributing members of society.

Total Special Education System Plan


Several steps are used in determining the appropriate educational program to be provided:

  • PRE-REFERRAL : When classroom teachers notice a student who is displaying difficulties in learning and/or behavior, at least two different approaches (pre-referral interventions) are tried and documented to accommodate the needs of the student. Teachers often get suggestions for pre-referral intervention strategies from the intervention team meetings. Classroom teachers must also be in regular contact with parents to communicate issues and to learn of situations happening in the home that could affect the student’s performance in school.
  • REFERRAL : If pre-referral classroom interventions are not effective in resolving the student’s difficulties, the classroom teacher may bring the student to the intervention team meeting to consider whether a special education evaluation is necessary. If evaluation is necessary, the intervention team will pass the student to the special education team. Parents may also initiate the request for evaluation by submitting a written request for evaluation to the school.


Parents are strongly encouraged to contribute background history or any other important information during this period. Our school social worker will be in contact with the family to assist with input. Their perspectives on and experiences with their child are of great value and will be considered during the evaluation. Licensed staff perform the evaluation(s) and share results with parents and other Team members.


If the student meets Minnesota state criteria in one of the 13 disability categories and is in need of special education services, the student, parent(s) and staff develop an IEP to address the areas of deficit as identified in the evaluation process.


The IEP goals are monitored 3 times a year along with general education grades and once a year in an annual IEP review/update. The evaluation results obtained on the student must be reviewed at least once every three years.

Andrea Becker
Special Education Teacher & Coordinator