Vision 8:16

(1) College Ready
We are dedicated to instilling a strong desire for higher education. We are committed to strong programs for math, reading and writing, and encourage our scholars to be their best, each day. Our emphasis is on writing and students have the opportunity to write in each classroom and subject. We aspire to prepare each of our scholars for the next chapter and most importantly for higher education.

(2) Meaningful Results
We are guided by standards based practices aimed at fully equipping our students for high education and true success on standardized tests. Each year we set goals for Math and Reading and work diligently to fully prepare our students to show what they know each spring. Teachers and students partner together to meet these goals through consistent, rigorous academic programs. In addition to standardized tests, SPCS uses interim assessment data to inform our teaching and guide our students to meet our academic goals.

(3) Literacy Everywhere
Our students are all a part of the 100 Book Challenge as a part of our Action 100 curriculum. Each scholar reads an hour a day, 30 minutes independent reading in school and 30 minutes at home. Our students have developed a voracious desire for reading and writing about what they’ve read. This program motivates students and highlights our commitment to literacy education in all that we do.