School Uniforms
St. Paul City School has adopted a policy requiring all students to wear uniforms. We feel that students' uniforms help maintain a respectful academic environment and stress to the pupils the importance of what goes on here at St. Paul City. Additionally, in a socio-economically diverse school the uniforms de-emphasize differences in economic levels of the children.uniforms

If you are new to uniforms, you may be surprised to find that the children don't mind them and that buying a set of uniform clothes is quite economical compared to trying to keep your child fashionably dressed. We take pride in our students’ appearance. Uniforms will help ensure a strong focus on a positive learning environment.

The information below describes the uniforms for boys and girls and has information about where to buy the clothing.

What do the Students Wear?
  • Dress pants, jumper, skirts, or shorts that must be khaki in color.
  • Blue jeans are not acceptable.
  • Skirts must have a pair of tights, shorts or leggings beneath them.
  • Shirts are maroon with a collar. Polo and dress shirts are acceptable. T-shirts are not acceptable. Shirts must be solid maroon in color and only the school logo is allowed.
  • Any undershirt must be white and must be tucked in.
  • Sweaters or sweatshirts must be solid maroon, black, navy, grey, or khaki.
See pages 10 - 11 in our Family Handbook for more information regarding our dress code.

Where Do I Buy My Child's Uniform? When you join our community we will be sure to inform you and your students where you can purchase a brand new uniform to start your year fresh! Also, in August, before the start of each school year, St. Paul City offers parents up-to-date information about how to buy their uniforms. Also, we do have some help available to buy uniforms on a need basis. Call (651) 225-9177 and ask for MaiZai Lee for more information. Currently, uniform shirts are $5.50 each. Questions? Give us a call and we'll be happy to point you in the right direction.