Q:  What is the emphasis of your school? 

A: St. Paul City is a free charter school with a focus on building the whole child. Our mission is to prepare students to embrace their full potential and pursue higher education. Our educational approach is rooted in standards and guided by our vision to develop a multicultural learning community passionately committed to the total development of every child. Each student has core subject in addition to a rich array of specialists.

Q: Is the St. Paul City Kindergarten program a full or half day program?

A: The St. Paul City Kindergarten program is a full day program for all Kindergarten students with the same core subjects offered ineach grade. Additionally, our students have weekly specialist time in media and P.E.,  Art, and music.  We also offer a full day Pre-School program.

Q: What grades does your school include?

A: St. Paul City is a PreK – 8 school located in two buildings, a few blocks apart. Our Primary School serves grades preK through 5th. Our Middle School serves grades 6 through 8. Both schools offer specialists and extra curricular activities. Meetings and conferences are coordinated with multi-children families in mind.

Q: What is the ratio of students to staff at your school?

A: Our maximum class size for K-8  is 25. In addition to small class sizes, we have a resource teacher and educational assistants assigned to work with each grade level for a regularly scheduled portion of the day.

Q: Does your school have a breakfast and lunch program available to all students?

A: Yes, our school provides a breakfast and lunch program to all students. We contract with the St. Paul Public School lunch program to work with us in designing a menu that meets the dietary needs of all our students. A free and reduced lunch application is included in our registration packet. All students receive a free breakfast daily.

Q: What are your school hours?

A: Students begin arriving at 8:20 am. and have breakfast. Classes begin at 8:50 a.m. in both school buildings. Buses arrive at Our main offices are open until 5pm each school day. Phones are answered between 8:00 and 5:00.

Q: How are bus stops arranged for students?

A: At this time we are using Hmong American Partnership School buses. Any family residing in St. Paul who attends our school will have a bus stop arranged according to where they live in relation to the traditionally mapped school bus routes. Upon registration, our school’s transportation coordinator discusses special needs and reviews the map with families. Prior to the first day of school, a confirmation of route is sent in the mail which includes the location and time of the bus stop. Information regarding return times is also included.

Q: Does your school have a dress code or uniform policy?

A: Yes, we have a school uniform which consists of a St. Paul City School maroon polo style shirt and khaki slacks or dress pants. Students are allowed to wear a sweater or cardigan over their polo style shirts. At our open house each fall we have our uniform providers set up a display in the gym for families to purchase uniforms, or place orders. See the family handbook for more details.

Q: When is your registration deadline?

A: St. Paul City enrolls students on a first come first served basis. Should a grade level be full, we add families to our waiting list. It is a good idea to register early! As part of our registration process, we ask families to come to school to take a tour and meet with staff. This is a good time to ask any other questions that you may have about the school and our program. It is also a good time to discuss specific goals, needs, and/or concerns you may have about your child’s educational future.

Q: Where can I see a copy of the school policies?

Simply follow this link and search for any policy within our Google Drive: School Policies