English Language Department


To ensure students gain English language proficiency in order to achieve success throughout their school careers and beyond.


The SPCS EL program provides standard-based instruction and services to support qualifying English language learners with their English language development. The goal is for EL learners to meet or exceed the Annual Measurable Achievement Objectives state targets (AMAOs). The program model offers sheltered English instruction through co-teaching to help students to acquire proficiency in English while achieving in content areas. In addition, the program provides limited pull-out service for a small group intervention and newcomer program.


Minnesota State Standards (focus on reading and math priority standards)

English Language Development Standards (focus on speaking and writing standards)


1.  CO-TEACHING – EL teachers plan and co-teach with mainstream teachers in math (primary school) and language arts (middle school) classes using SIOP strategies and best EL practices to increase students’ acquisition of academic language and content concept.

2.  LIMITED PULL-OUT – EL teachers serve a small language intervention group (maximum of 7 students) using grade level weekly math (primary school) and reading (middle school) assessments during school wide intervention times. The service focuses on increasing content-based speaking and writing skills.

3. NEWCOMER PROGRAM – EL teachers provide appropriate and specialized pull-out services to learners who are new to the country.

4. COLLABORATION – EL teachers serve as grade-level resources for mainstream teachers during lesson planning and PLC meetings using English Language Development and Minnesota State Standards.



W-APT:  Used to help identify students who require EL servicing. Administered to new students who indicate a language other than English on home language questionnaires.

WIDA MODEL:  Benchmark assessment used throughout the year as needed.

ACCESS for ELLs: Annual summative assessment for accountability purposes.

EL Servicing Plan 2017

AMAO Improvement Plans 2015-2016

AMAO Parent Notification Letter SPCS 2014-2015