Saint Paul City School strives to have all of our students be prepared and excited for the next chapter in their education. We offer a rigorous program that teaches students to be strong readers, writers, problem-solvers and mathematicians.  Saint Paul City School’s curriculum is aligned with the Minnesota State Standards which drive our curriculum and instruction.


The Action 100 reading framework is the heart of our academic program and builds a lifelong love of reading.  The foundation of the program is based on reading books at each child’s level, frequent assessment based on standards, and 30 minutes of reading at home and school.  Teachers are trained to identify the different stages of reading, so they can conference with students to provide individualized support that is needed at that moment. To develop a habit of reading 60 minutes a day, students are engaged in reading books at the own level and take those books home each night. Another major component of the program is celebrating student success and practice milestones.  


Engage New York/ Expeditionary Learning is our partner literacy curriculum.  Whereas Action 100 is individualized to a student’s level, Engage New York provides a rigorous grade-level curriculum to all students.  This curriculum embeds socials and science topics into the grade level texts that students are reading.  Students practice close reading skills while reading high-interest challenging texts.  Each quarter students learn about another topic deeply, by reading novels, articles and informational books about it.  Students discuss what they are reading and end the unit with a culminating project that infuses literacy skills.


In math, the Pearson’s Investigations in Data, Number and Space series is used as the guide in kindergarten through fifth grades with the Rational Number Project supplementing it.  Investigations in Data Number and Space focus on developing the student’s essential ideas of number and operations, geometry, data measurement and early algebra.  It is a curriculum that is built around students practicing ideas with hands-on materials, games and reflective discussions.  Big Ideas Math is the curriculum used in sixth through eighth grades.  It focuses on building abstract reasoning process to prepare students for Algebra.  By using a balanced approach of instruction, it combines both discovery of topics and direct instruction.  These programs all build students thinking and problem solving skills.


Writing is an essential component of a successful literacy program. St. Paul City School uses The Write Tools as a framework for teaching writing instruction.   It provides teachers with a systematic approach for teaching students to write.  Across grade levels and content areas, teachers use a common language so call students to be successful writers.  

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